Safe Today...Safer Tomorrow.

It is important that your Sheriff has the experience and education not only to lead over 200 Public safety professionals in performing the County's most critical responsibilities but also to oversee a multi-million dollar budget. The Sheriff must be ready 24/7 to make what may be life and death decisions.

Beginning my law enforcement career at age 19, I served in virtually every facet of local law enforcement. Working my way up from a patrol officer on night shift, I attended college to advance my education while earning increasing levels of responsibility and rank. I earned a B.S. and M.S. in Criminal Justice, a Juris Doctorate (Law School), graduated from the FBI National Law Institute and Command College, completed the prestigious University of Louisville graduate study program in Police Administration, the National Sheriffs’ Institute and the U.S. Department of Justice Training Program for protecting Missing and Exploited Children. My experience includes service as a Chief of Police and Director of Public Safety. I am a licensed attorney in Washington State (currently inactive) and have served as a Police Legal Advisor, Deputy City Attorney and Prosecutor. I have also served as an adjunct professor of criminal justice and constitutional law at several universities and colleges and as a police academy instructor.

My professional service includes Vice President and President of the Washington State Sheriff’s Association, appointment by two Governors to terms on the Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission that oversees all law enforcement/corrections standards and training (current vice chair), the Executive Board of the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs and President of the Whatcom Police Chiefs and Sheriff Association.

I seek to use my experience to continue preventing and solving crime while implementing 21st Century Police solutions to increase reliance on mental health diversion from the criminal justice system and jail in appropriate cases.

I again ask for your vote and support.

Thank You!



RE-ELECT SHERIFF ELFO:  Safe Today...Safer Tomorrow.

Preventing and Reducing Crime are Mission Critical for the Sheriff’s Office.

Since I took office the rate of PROPERTY CRIME is DOWN by 44% and VIOLENT CRIME is DOWN by 24%. Although the population increased by over 17%, BURGLARIES are DOWN by an amazing 63%.

While many factors affect crime rates, many effective policing strategies contributed to this success. A NEIGHBORHOOD DEPUTY program places a Deputy in densely populated areas to perform community policing functions and address emerging crime issues; Deputies begin and end their shifts in the areas where they are assigned using local Fire Stations and Schools as offices INCREASING DEPUTY AVAILABILITY and improving EMERGENCY RESPONSE TIMES; a CRIMINAL INTERDICTION TEAM operates Countywide to quickly address serious crime issues; the GANG and DRUG TASK FORCE was successful in REDUCING GANG VIOLENCE that was so prevalent just a few years ago. Training and Policy changes have resulted in better outcomes for VICTIMS of DOMESTIC VIOLENCE and SEXUAL ASSAULT. IMPROVED TECHNOLOGIES and a CRIME ANALYSIS FUNCTION provide Deputies with quick access to the information they need to prevent and solve crime.

While focus on Habitual and Violent Criminals has been very successful, the Sheriff’s Office is also leading efforts to divert those with mental health and substance abuse problems from the criminal justice system to pathways for treatment and recovery.

I am extremely proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office. They are responsible for providing law enforcement services in an area encompassing over 2500 square miles with many unique challenges and relatively few resources. They consistently demonstrate excellence, integrity and teamwork.

I ask for your support and vote.



RE-ELECT SHERIFF ELFO:  Safe Today...Safer Tomorrow.

Your Sheriff is the CHIEF LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER of the County. It is important that your Sheriff is able to lead efforts to prevent and solve crime as well as implement 21st Century Policing solutions. State law requires Sheriffs to hold certification by the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission as a General Authority Peace Officer. This requires among other things, completion of a basic police academy. I not only am a certified general authority peace officer, but also hold Executive Level Certification-the highest credential issued by the Commission. Acquiring this certification requires skills acquired only through years of experience, education and training. I am ready on day one to continue to provide quality law enforcement service and respectfully request your vote and support. Thank you!