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Updated: Oct 1, 2019

Public Safety is Mission Critical for the County’s Chief Law Enforcement Officer—Your Sheriff. There is no substitute for proven Experience, Leadership, Education, Training and the ability to quickly resolve emerging issues that pose threats to our community. I am doing just that. While the Sheriff’s Office has limited resources to cover a huge and diverse geography that is larger than the State of Delaware, I deployed novel approaches.

Photo Credit: Roberta Hochreiter. Re-Elect Sheriff Elfo has permission to use photo.

Neighborhood Deputies are assigned to the more densely populated area of the County performing community-policing functions and working with kids in our schools. Mental Health Deputies divert people from jail and the justice system to treatment and services. SWAT and Crisis Negotiation Deputies defuse volatile situations involving armed and barricaded suspects. In 2018, twenty of these situations were safely resolved without injury to anyone.

Skilled detectives effectively solve major violent crimes, protect children from abuse and obtain justice for victims. The work of the Gang and Drug Task Force disrupted the leadership of criminal gangs and drug-trafficking organizations. All Deputy Sheriffs are highly trained and equipped to respond to any threat that imperils our citizens.

My opponent in the election has absolutely no law enforcement experience or training and downplays the importance of the role and responsibility of the Office of Sheriff in ensuring these successes continue and the high level of professionalism and competence continue.

I ask for your vote and help in ensuring that I serve you over the next four years.

Thank you!

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