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I ask you to consider all we have accomplished together and support my re-election as Sheriff

Since my election as Sheriff, crime has dropped dramatically and is well below state and national averages. The most violent, dangerous and predatory of criminals and the leadership of gangs were taken off the street. Best practices for investigating sexual assault, domestic violence, animal abuse and murder are implemented. Neighborhood deputies perform community-policing functions and Mental Health deputies provide pathways for diversion from the criminal justice system to treatment and other services. We are blessed with one of the most respected and professional cadre of deputies in the State.

Ground breaking has occurred for a new Crisis Stabilization Center that will offer law enforcement realistic opportunities for diverting those in mental health and substance abuse crisis. Working with courts and the Incarceration Prevention and Reduction Task Force, I provided the courts realistic and safe options for supervising people charged with or convicted of crimes. Through diversion and community-based supervision programs, county court reliance on the jail system has dropped over 12%. Recently, a $900,000 Department of Justice grant will provide increased diversion and treatment opportunities for those addicted to drugs.

I have the experience; relationships; leadership abilities; and education/training to ensure these successes continue and grow.

Sheriff Election Sign Support by Firefighters IAFF 106
FIREFIGHTERS IAFF 106's sign supporting #ReElectSheriffElfo #SafeTodaySaferTomorrow

My opponent, who has never served a day in law enforcement and has no law enforcement training, claims this experience and qualifications are not needed.

Would we expect that the chief of surgery at our hospitals never performed surgery or spent a day in an operating room? Would we expect that someone who has never served in our military be appointed as a general?

I ask that you consider all that we have accomplished together and support my re-election as Sheriff.

I ask for your vote.