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Why I am voting to Re-Elect Sheriff Elfo

Editor: Lynden Tribune

Proven leadership.

These are the words that describe Bill Elfo and that is why I’m voting for his

reelection as Sheriff of Whatcom County. His education, training, experience and accomplishments make him the best candidate for this office.

His education and training include degrees of Juris Doctor, Masters of Science in Criminal Justice and Executive Level, and Peace Officer Certifications at the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission. He has graduated from the FBI Command College and the FBI National Law Institute and has received other degrees and participated in various training programs.

His accomplishments as Sheriff are too numerous to mention all of them in this brief space. However, a quote from Sheriff Elfo follows: “I am particularly proud of our work in taking the most violent, dangerous and predatory criminals off the street while working with the community to provide pathways to treatment and recovery for those suffering from mental health and substance abuse issues, alternatives to jail for low-level offenders and community- based policing.”

Democrats and Republicans alike throughout the county support Bill Elfo. The present Whatcom County Executive, who is not running for re-election, has endorsed him. So have both candidates who are running to take over that office. He has the endorsement of all Whatcom County Council members, the County Prosecutor and the Public Defender along with the mayors of cities throughout Whatcom County. Police chiefs and officers, the Police Guilds and Associations, Firefighters, unions and many others have declared their support for him.

In this non-partisan position, Bill Elfo is the candidate that is best far. He has the proven leadership. His motto is spot-on!

Safe today...Safer tomorrow.

When you cast your ballot for Sheriff, please vote to reelect Bill Elfo.

Dick Decima


September 22, 2019